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How To Be a Successful Job Candidate

Lessons from the Campaign Trail

Think your job search is challenging? How would you like to go on 50 interviews a month as other candidates try to dismiss you and the media stands ready to report (and continually replay) any blunder or defeat to a curious and sneering public?

Next to running for elected office, a job search is easy. But, you can still learn something from the “Planet of Politics.” Here are a few lessons you can carry over to your own candidacy and job search:


Lesson # 1: Describe Yourself and Your Message

Just as every candidate needs to separate himself to survive the primaries, your resume needs to jump out to get you the interview. Design it toward the job description. Know the job description and research the company. Ask yourself, “If I were the hiring manager, what would I search for in a candidate?” Feature these skills and qualities in the top quarter of your resume.”


Lesson #2: Look the Part!
Image consultants give both Romney and Obama high grades on their overall look.

They dress slightly better than the norm and always wear well-fitted, high-end suits that are:

1.)   Authoritative, but not stuffy.
2.)  Stylish, but not faddish

As for fashionable, you may think that “Disco,” dress looks great, but only on Saturday evening.