Rich Peterson

Richard N. Peterson has been on every side of the Talent Acquisition equation over the course of his career. He has worked in Corporate Talent Acquisition, Search, Talent Acquisition Marketing Communications, and Employment Media. He brings an effective blend of corporate and search experience to the table.

Richard N. Peterson has been at it for over 15+ years and he is well connected. He has the creative ability to identify, source, select, and retain talent.

Richard N. Peterson has executed extensive online assignments for engagements and brought them to successful completion utilizing all lines of social media and electronic platforms. He has overseen all national talent acquisition strategies, processes and qualified and diverse candidate pipelines for high volume constant talent acquisition positions.

You will find he has focused his talents on the strategic planning phase of Talent Acquisition and the Marketing Communications process. His proven expertise in new media and employment trends makes him a very well qualified strategic planner.  Richard N. Peterson provides strategic planning and oversight of comprehensive program implementation, supervision of all search practices, contract management and creative product activities, ensuring coordination among all talent acquisition and campaign elements, and accurate budget tracking/management.


About Me:

I have routinely interacted for many years with very senior levels in the decision-making community, including Selection Committees, Presidents/Vice Presidents of Companies and Directors within companies, associations and agencies, in successfully resolving all outstanding matters.

I have supervised up to 40 people at one time, and I have managed managers, which requires a different approach and strategy.

Subordinates consider me a generous “coach” who is able to provide the appropriate level of honest appraisal of shortcomings as well as strengths in order to improve their performance and excel at their job.

It is very easy for me to analyze the effort in front of me, tailor it and execute it.

By nature, I am considered quite capable of motivating and inspiring others. I am a man of action, a service provider, and a stimulator of people. I am a deal maker and a “make-it-happen” guy.

You cannot teach passion, urgency, perseverance, and a willingness to go the extra mile.

I’ve been known to not only meet expectations, but exceed them.


About My Politics:

Recruiting has to be a clever, fast-moving business discipline, not a passive, paper-pushing bureaucracy.

The first rule of recruiting is that the best people already have jobs they like. So you have to seek them, as they’re not going to seek you. The passive job seeker, the ideal candidate and your dream hire, is not going to take any risks in this economy, so you have to make both the opportunity and the interview process appealing.

In today’s business world, people have choices and are attracted to organizations with a strong brand identity. My mission and business model easily lend themselves to building a powerful disclosure.

Branding must be a major objective of your recruitment goals.

I work very closely with the Office of Communications and any other public relations arm to enhance the message and the mission of my clients.

I implement basic branding principals to further cement a positive framework in the mindset of the public.

Richard N. Peterson invites you to delve into the following site to better understand how candidates can advance their career or a client company learns what he can do for you.

Enjoy Your Exploration!

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