More About Richard N Peterson

More About Richard N. Peterson


As an Openly Gay, Latin, Jewish, “Disabled”, Over 40 Male, Richard clearly understands the issues and has sensitized himself to all minority groups and populations.


Working Style

Richard N Peterson’s working style is strictly consultative and he takes pride in the fact that he has structured his life under the premise of being a relationship builder at all levels and for all needs.  He is extremely self motivated and possesses a strategic vision for what companies need and what people need to do. By nature, Richard is a make-it-happen guy and is able to achieve buy-in from all parties involved in his efforts and has enjoyed their support in his endeavors.

Rich completed the Caliper and scored quite high in:

  1. Assertiveness 99%
  2. Confidence 99%
  3. Leadership 98%

4.) Service Orientation 98% (Good for Serving His Internal and External Clients)


Rich was fluent in Spanish in his former lifetime and has lived in Mexico.

He spent about 8 weeks in Brazil and took some basic Portuguese.



Rich has supervised up to 40 people and has excelled at developing and grooming his subordinates for growth. He has exceptional coaching skills to train his staff and offer to the candidate base. He has managed managers, which requires a different strategy and approach. Subordinates consider him a generous “coach” who is able to provide the appropriate level of honest appraisal of shortcomings as well as strengths in order to improve their performance and excel at their job.


Richard N. Peterson’s Hands-On Recruitment Experience:

A recruitment professional must be able to master the interview process and weed through what is and isn’t said, especially when hiring folks whose native language is not English.  Advancing interview effectiveness is paramount to a successful talent acquisition program. It also lends itself to time-to-fill expediency.

Richard N. Peterson fully understands all the moving parts with Talent Acquisition from identification of talent to On Boarding.

Getting the new hires into a loyalty frame of mind starting on the first day of employment.

Rich brings Talent Acquisition to the equation. It also helps, Brand,” the department internally, if the Recruitment function experiences unjust bad press.

Rich is “Talent Acquisition,” Oriented.

Talent Acquisition takes a long-term view of not only filling positions today, but using the candidates that come out of a recruiting campaign as a means to fill similar positions in the future. It’s a strategy.

Talent acquisition requires great relationship management. Real talent acquisition takes efficient and productive processes that are easy to use and candidate centric. This where most recruiters fall down and Richard Peterson will see it as his primary responsibility. Long-term profitability must include a commitment to sustained and effective talent acquisition and talent management.

Rich focuses on the, “active” passive job seeker, not the candidate actively seeking employment and talking to several companies. Usually, the candidate seeking employment is running out of or being chased out of his position.

The “Active/Passive,” candidate is the best hire, but it takes time to cultivate.

Rich Peterson has executed extensive online international and domestic search assignments for companies worldwide and brought to successful completion utilizing all lines of Social Media and Electronic Platforms.

Rich has overseen Recruitment for Exempt and Non-Exempt, Technical, International, Sales, Managerial and Executive. Mr. Peterson oversaw Executive Recruitment at SVP/EVP and CEO level requiring the utmost in confidentiality and privacy.

Rich has also excelled in generalist related activities on the corporate side.

Richard N. Peterson has focused on dozens of disciplines and has executed Life Cycle Recruitment practices across all areas in Information Technology, Financial Services, Media, Publishing, Life Sciences, healthcare, Engineering, Real Estate, and other functions. He has coached all hiring managers on all matters pertaining to Recruitment.

Go to “Our track record” (, which demonstrates Richard’s exceptional experience and see the Global Executive Level search assignments conducted and completed.

As for closing skills, he is adept at delivering exceptional candidates with earlier than expected start dates and lower than budgeted compensation packages. I am a magnet for talent.

As for managing the Executive Search firm function, Rich strongly believes he can reduce the use of them by properly training his staff to “Correctly” source without compromising external relationships in the marketplace. I can also work out arrangements with the Search Firms to reduce fee expense.

If you click on, you will get a very strong understanding of Rich Peterson’s skills, knowledge and experience.



Richard N. Peterson’s ad agency background fully prepares him to engage in meaningful discussion and results in posturing Metro as an employer of choice with his, “BRANDING,” focus. This includes actively engaging hiring managers in building the brand and executing the strategy.

Rich Peterson was also intimately involved in Employer Branding and Employee Value Propositioning. Branding is also a major objective in implementing outreach and recruitment programs.

Your employer brand is who you are, and how employees inside — and candidates outside — view your agency. It can’t be copied. It is unique to your organization and reflects how you interact with your workforce. The best brands communicate the organization’s mission.

Employer Branding is the Research and Strategy.

Employee Value Propositioning is the Message.

Rich needs to establish an employer brand identity and recruitment marketplace presence through a multi-pronged approach, including television, radio, interactive media, outdoor media, print advertising, and brochures.

Employer branding is therefore concerned with the attraction, engagement and retention of initiatives targeted at enhancing your company’s employer brand

He has successfully overseen all traditional and digital Recruitment Communication Programs and can easily select and manage your vendor.

Provided strategic counsel as to how best structure the recruitment message and branding components through solid research (secondary and primary campaign development, media and event planning, focus groups, etc.).


Job Descriptions and Salary Surveys:

Standardized and kept Position Descriptions current (PD’s) for the same appearance. (Position title, job summary, essential functions, competency or position requirements, knowledge, skills and abilities, quality and quantity standards, education and experience, etc.) Employed competency models to strengthen nearly every facet of talent management—from recruiting to performance management. Established and maintained job descriptions, and collected data on jobs from other resources such as Salary Surveys or the Occupational Outlook Handbook.



Executed metrics to judge recruiter performance, gauge the quality of employment brand, and develop effective and cost-efficient recruitment marketing.


Speaking and Published Articles:

Richard N. Peterson is very active in regional and national leadership roles of Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Employment Management Association (EMA), two prominent recruitment membership organizations.  Rich has spoken locally and nationally on employment related topics, as well as having been published in several journals and magazines.

Rich Peterson has published several recruitment related articles and editorials on Creative, Employer Branding, Media Usage, Messaging, Military Hiring, Diversity Advertising, Leveraging Interactive Technologies for recruitment purposes, in IT Recruiter Magazine, Employment Managers Today, HR Magazine, and various recruitment membership association newsletters and more.

Rich has arranged media events for clients promoting career fair participation, open houses, career invitational’s, event sponsorship, location launches, etc.

Richard N. Peterson is well qualified in developing creative campaigns, adept at expediting fast turnaround times, capable of thinking “Outside the Beltway,” and seasoned in all recruitment practices and utilizing multifaceted media.

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